Chinese medicine aims to restore the balance, strengthen the body and promote self-healing. Herbal medicine can either be used alone or can be combined with acupuncture. When herbal treatment is designed individually it can have a powerful healing effect, especially when this is combined with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Initial Consultation (either in-person, or online via a video call)

In the initial consultation we discuss your concerns, issues and health history in order to reach a traditional diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. This can take around an hour and will also include some discussion around what to expect from treatment and how long it may take for you to see results.


A herbal formula will be designed especially for you based on your individual diagnosis. This will consist of a few high quality raw herbs packaged in individual dosages together with instructions as to how to prepare them simply at home. Treatment is monitored closely and the formula is modified as required as treatment progresses. Herbs can either be collected from the clinic or can be posted to you.


We will meet weekly or fortnightly to monitor the progress of treatment and to adjust the formula if necessary. We can also look at how you can take care of your own health; this may include nutritional advice, recovery practices, emotional wellbeing or other remedies that you can use at home. Follow-up consultations usually last for around thirty minutes. If you have any concerns you don't need to wait until the next consultation, you can contact me via email.